What’s the True Cost of a Home Inspection?

When getting a house inspected, there are a couple of things that factor into the cost.

  1. The size of the home- Home Inspectors generally price by square footage. Our certified home inspectors want to be sure they inspect every part of your home and do the best job possible! That means that the larger the home is, the more time the inspection and the report are going to take to complete. Since we want our home inspectors to feel comfortable taking all the time they need to do this right, larger houses will cost a little more to inspect.
  2. What type of home- If we break it down into three types of homes, we have houses, condos and townhouses. In condos and sometimes townhomes, the owner is not responsible for the exterior or the roof. Those are items that the HOA would repair or replace if needed. Because the outside of the property won’t be your responsibility, we generally don’t need to inspect it, making condos and townhouses take significantly less time to inspect So our inspections of them will be less expensive as well. Of course in the case of townhomes where the owner is responsible for the roof and exterior, our price will reflect that so you get the detailed, competent inspection you expect.
  3. Additional services- A standard home inspection covers the roof, exterior, basement/crawlspace, foundation, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and interior of the home. It does not cover termites, mold, or radon. We do offer termite inspections and radon tests for an additional fee.

So then, what about your home? Fill out our convenient form to get a quote.

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